Yes, it may sound strange, even for a unique, boutique thrift shop, but the selection you can expect to discover every time you visit The Church Mouse is new. Every day, residents, and others in the know here on America’s favorite vacation island discover that they no longer need some of their fine things. Quality items they used to furnish their home here, to wear, to enjoy outdoors, or to play their favorite game or sport become donations to The Church Mouse, and so even when the item is not, the selection is always new.

Too Fine to Retire

Staying active is true of many Hilton Head Island residents, whose careers prior to coming here placed them in high demand in their professional fields. From medicine to marketing, our island is home to people who continue to offer their expertise, yet in a more relaxing environment.

Similarly, the things people find to buy at The Church Mouse were well loved in their previous homes, and too good to retire. Instead, donors bring them here for a new chapter of their working life, in a new home. It is a role that we are happy and grateful to fulfill – connecting the chapters of the useful life of these fine goods. Our donors selected wisely when they chose these items. Our shoppers choose wisely again when they take them home.

A Bit of Name-Dropping

Like any good garden party, here on Hilton Head Island, it is easy to forgive a little good-natured name-dropping. Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Lily Pulitzer are just a few of the designer labels that find a second home, when they are donated for sale at The Church Mouse. Furnishings from Henredon and Drexel Heritage, too. Home chefs – and the families that benefit from their passion for cooking – find the well-made means for cooking and serving that makers such as Le Creuset and Waterford can provide.

A second home on Hilton Head Island has been the fortunate destination for discerning folks for generations, and this does much to explain the surprising quality of the selection shoppers find at The Church Mouse. Second homes mean second chances to serve for many of the finest names in furnishings and equipment.

The Feeling is Always Fresh

Always new, they say, is the feeling people get that they’ve done the right thing, when they donate or shop at The Church Mouse. The welcome people get from The Church Mouse volunteers plays a big part in that feeling. They’re dedicated, surely, yet they’re also having fun. This is the favorite charitable endeavor of some of the Island’s most interesting people.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Church Mouse, a boutique thrift shop where donors, volunteers, and shoppers all keep the feeling fresh and new, as they discover the joy of doing well while doing good.

Written by : Church Mouse

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