Frankly, we were surprised to learn that shopping ranks consistently among the top five things people love to do when they visit America’s favorite vacation island. After all, both time and money are spoken for when we go on vacation, right?

Nevertheless, even with 250 restaurants, 32 golf courses, and beaches that often make the list of the 10 best in the world, many visitors like to take time out for shopping, and we have met many of them here at The Church Mouse. What visitors have in common with us residents, it seems, is a passion for shopping sensibly.

What we might also have in common is a recognition that when we find something nice to take home from The Church Mouse, we are stepping into a circle of good works that embraces volunteers and the donors who bring those wonderful things here, as well as the discerning shoppers who browse and bring them home.

More than a Thrift Store

We wonder, sometimes, how visitors find out about us. Word of mouth is the answer in almost every case. What experienced visitors and residents share with vacationers is that the things they’ll find at The Church Mouse are of unexpected quality and imagination. They were well loved, and too good to retire.

Instead, donors bring things here that they no longer need, for a new chapter of their working life, in a new home. It is a role that we are happy and grateful to fulfill – connecting the chapters of the useful life of these fine goods. Our donors chose wisely when they selected these items. Our shoppers choose wisely again when they take them home.

Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Lily Pulitzer are just a few of the designer labels that find a second home when they are donated for sale at The Church Mouse. Furnishings from Henredon and Drexel Heritage, too. Home chefs – and the families that benefit from their passion for cooking – find the well-made means for cooking and serving that makers such as Le Creuset and Waterford can provide.

Feeling Good About Your Choice

Best of all, some say, is the feeling that they’ve done the right thing when they donate or shop at The Church Mouse. The welcome people get from The Church Mouse volunteers plays a big part in that feeling. They’re dedicated, surely, yet they’re also having fun. This is the favorite charitable endeavor of some of the Island’s most interesting people.

Join us, won’t you? The head and the heart have no argument when they go Hilton Head shopping at The Church Mouse. Understanding that is part of what makes the experience you’ll find among The Church Mouse so memorable, and so worth coming back.

Written by : Church Mouse

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