Paying attention to design – the way we do to keep current on the wonderful things people donate and buy here – we learned a while ago that luxury has taken on a new meaning today. Some of the most advanced designers refer to “The New Luxury.” They find it an important idea in the work they do, because people profoundly see luxury differently today than they did in the recent 20th century.

Today, luxury is all about convenience and thoughtfulness. The principal is “considerate design,” meaning how a design demonstrates that someone thought carefully about how you are going to use the thing, or where you are going to wear the thing, or what would make life easier as you do.

The old luxury, they tell us, was more for show. Evidence that showing off is not the point anymore is all around us. Home décor is simpler and more straightforward. Clothing is elegant, yet not elaborate. Comfort and convenience appear to be the thrust of both.

Near to Enjoy

Always located not far from the Sea Pines Circle, the central point of “south-island,” where the original vision of a world-class resort began, the Arrow Road site of The Church Mouse makes it the nearest thrift store for visitors to the Sea Pines Resort, as well as Forest Beach and the upscale neighborhood of Wexford.

Not only a key to our convenience, but this favored location may also have something to do with the unusual quality and selection people find among the well-loved items people donate for The Church Mouse to sell.

Certainly, our location makes getting here for a quick look around an easy choice, whether the day you’ve planned is busy or languid. The selection of clothing, jewelry, and even furnishings and décor for a vacation home is easy to check out. Our bright, airy interior is a welcome contrast from what many expect to encounter at a thrift store. People say when they come through the door that it’s a bit more like visiting someone’s home.

A Grateful Welcome

The welcome people get from The Church Mouse volunteers plays a big part in that feeling. They’re dedicated, surely, yet they’re also having fun. This is the favorite charitable endeavor of some of the Island’s most interesting people.

Behind the flair and quality of the items people find and buy at The Church Mouse – some call it unique among thrift stores – the secret of success is the guiding impulse behind it all. The circle of good in which The Church Mouse plays a role begins with gratitude.

A newcomer to Hilton Head Island remarked recently, “I was astonished by the amount of charitable effort people make here. You see it all around.” When people come to the island and relax, it seems natural that they realize how thankful they feel for the chance to be here, whether for vacation or for everyday life.

This gratitude leads many to find ways of sharing, and that’s how The Church Mouse began. We look forward to extending our considerate take on luxury, and our grateful welcome, to you. Do stop by for a visit.

Written by : Church Mouse

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